Time for a Howl-In with Howard Dean

That’s it!  After the last two weeks of listening to insults, wedge (or wedgie) issues and swiftboating (not to mention voter suppression) by the Republicans so they can avoid discussing the real issues, I’m actually going to go canvassing this Saturday.  In Renton.  After a speech by (and maybe some good howling with) Howard Dean.  Canvassing, and I hate knocking on strangers’ doors and talking to them.

If you live near Seattle, and are fed up too, come and join us.

Details at: http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/gs745w

This whole “lipstick on a pig” bit was the last straw (and they still want to pretend like they think Barack was insulting Palin when he was talking about McCain’s economic policy).  As Barack said, “Enough.”  Can we talk about the real issues, or is it that John McCain and Sarah Palin don’t have much of a plan to talk about?

Enough!  These are serious times, and we need serious solutions, not wedgies and swiftboating.  Where is the media in covering the candidates’ plans for the economy, education, healthcare, to end the war in Iraq?  The issues that should really matter when we vote for a President.

On the same day as the “lipstick on a pig” comment, Barack made this 36 minute speech on education:

So what’s the McCain/Palin plan for education?  Isn’t that what we should be talking about and comparing less than 60 days before the election?


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