Attack Ads vs Education Reform

Oh, my.  Sorry I always come so late to just how nasty these McCain ads are getting.  I don’t watch much television.  What is even more shocking than the viciousness of them (and from McCain used to have some integrity, or appeared to), is how can they get away with them without losing almost all their voters?  Unless. . . Well, let’s face it. . . unless there really is that much latent bigotry In America; because there is a very racist subtext to al these ugly ads.The scary, elitist, black man, who may be Muslim, is now insulting our women and wants to teach our kindergarteners about sex.

It is shocking that ads like this one can run in the 21st Century:

A lot of lies and distortions, but, of course, the most disturbing one saved for the end, claiming he voted for legislation to teach sex education in kindergarten.  The Washington Post ran a Fact Checker article, and of course, the real story was very different.  It was about protecting children from molesters by teaching them about inappropriate touching. 

If we wanted to play it like the Republicans, we could ask “Why is John McCain pro-child molester?” Although we could ask, and should, why McCain would distort the part of a bill meant to help protect children from abuse with claims it was about teaching 5 year olds all the finer details about sex?  Mind you, I do think comprehensive sex education for teenagers is needed, as highlighted by Bristol (sorry, I don’t want to talk about it much, but it is true – this is what happens with abstinence only education), and the fact that, according to federal health officials, 1 in 4 teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease.

The McCain ad is wrong when it claims–in a voice dripping with sarcasm–that Obama’s “one accomplishment” in the education field was the sex education bill for kindergartners. While it is true that Obama supported the bill, he was not one of the sponsors. As far as kindergartners were concerned, the principal purpose of the bill was to make them aware of the risk of inappropriate touching and sexual predators. Other states, including California and Massachusetts, have passed similar legislation.

What else does the ad distort?  Well, the Education Week article actually was mostly positive of Obama. . .

Education Week bills itself as the “journal of record” for education professionals. In March last year, it ran a generally positive article about Obama, describing him as one of several Democratic candidates with a demonstrated interest in education policy. The article noted that Obama had gained considerable “grassroots experience” of education problems in Chicago as the member of a board of a school reform initiative known as the Annenberg Challenge. It went on to say that he had not made “a significant mark on education policy” in either the Illinois Senate or the U.S. Senate, but had pushed for the expansion of early childhood education.

So, instead of attacking Barack with lies, could McCain tell us what his education plan is?  Barack already has, and I’ll post it again. 

Obama is talking about preparing our kids for 21st Century jobs and emphasizing math and science so they don’t lose out on jobs to kids educated in India or China.  He’s talking about investing in early childhood education so all children will be prepared for school.  He’s talking about putting college within reach for everyone.  Fixing No Child Left Behind and fully funding it. Setting the high expectations for our students other countries do.  Encouraging them to study harder and aim higher. Encouraging innovation in schools.  Yes, improving public schools.  John McCain is against public schools, apparently, from his ad; and he’s calling Barack elitist?  The most recent technology in schools.  Recruiting and training new teachers.  The need for parental involvement.

What is McCain’s plan? 


One thought on “Attack Ads vs Education Reform

  1. I see that Barack Obama’s education policy is that everyone should learn a foreign language, but which one should it be?

    The British learn French, the Australians study Japanese, and the Americans prefer Spanish.Yet this leaves Mandarin Chinese out of the equation.

    Interestingly nine British MP’s have nominated Esperanto for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008.

    Detail can be seen at


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