Dining, Dancing & Immigrant Rights

Saturday night I attended the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project dinner at the Westin as a guest at the Amnesty International Puget Sound table, which was, as usual, very inspiring.

There was a silent auction in the lobby area outside the ballroom before the dinner.


Then Brazilian dancers provided entertainment just before the dinner and auction, leading everyone into the room.


I had the fish dinner, with a delicious tart, and wine at the table.  We heard from NWIRP’s staff, lawyers and clients about the wonderful work NWIRP does (and in a very bad political climate, even the Democrats aren’t too keen on standing up for immigrant rights).  It seems to me that many people conveniently forget what it was like years ago for their ancestors first immigrated to American.  How they, too, fled some other country for for freedom and opportunity, only to be exploited and discriminated against.


There was another, live auction, this one of higher priced items and vacations; then a round for donations.


We heard an especially moving story from a woman who fled her abusive husband who threatened her with her immigration status.  After seeing Sleepless in Seattle, she decided this was going to be where she made her break to. NWIRP helped her file for her green card as a survivor of domestic violence, only to be denied and delayed for five years during the name check because she had a common name.  A NWIRP attorney was finally able to clear that up for her, too, and she now has a green card.


Awards were then given to lawyers and volunteers who donated time and photography expertise to NWIRP.

Following the awards, there was Brazilian dancing again, this time with the dinner guests learning.



One thought on “Dining, Dancing & Immigrant Rights

  1. I Loved your website, Im a brazilian human rights defensor. Im a new one here, so I do know how to add and everything… Congratulations!!


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