Nickelsville At Discovery Park

So, Mayor Nickels forced the homeless encampment, Nickelsville, to move again last Wednesday night.  This time the Nickelodeons (as they call themselves) moved to the grounds of Daybreak Star, the cultural center for the United Indians of All Tribes at Discovery Park.

Unfortunately, as the Seattle PI reported, it turned out that, while members of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation were accepting of their new neighbors, the land for the center was leased from the city, who posted 72 hour notices by Thursday evening.  An update from the neighborhood blog, Magnolia Voice, reports that the campers now have until Wednesday to move, although the city is planning on fining Nickelsville $150 a day starting Monday night at 5 pm.

In spite of past intervention by the Governor (mentioned previously), and, Seattle area State Legislatures, according to the Seattle Weekly’s blog, the Nickels’ administration’s only interest in the situation seems to be punitive – send police, levy fines, and move the homeless off city land.  Claims of providing housing for everyone who needs it do not appear to be true. 

Personally, I think Mayor Nickels is like Senator McCain.  He just doesn’t get it, and, let’s face it, he’s working for the downtown business interests and those of the wealthy like Paul Allen.  While high price condos are going in and affordable housing destroyed, the Mayor is focusing on “workforce housing” for people who make over twice what I (and many others) do.  While I do think it’s important to keep housing for middle class workers (and it says a lot when even that is disappearing), where is there left for low income workers like myself (unless you’re lucky enough to have a below market unit), let alone the homeless?  Yes, there is money for subsidies, but it’s not enough to cover all the people who would need it; let alone the fact most people just want affordable housing, not charity.  There are plans to help the homeless, in the future, but more affordable housing is disappearing and where do they go meanwhile?

To Nickelsville, which is still looking for a permanent home!


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