Meet Me in St. Louis vs Republican Cynicism

So, even though the polls show it’s actually losing them votes, McCain, Palin and their allies continue with their vicious attacks.   Meanwhile, Barack continues to take the high ground, even though there’s plenty of mud he could sling back, and talks about the issues. 

Oddly enough (at least to the Republican nominees), the issues do seem to be what the American people want to hear about.  Witness this crowd that the police estimated to be 100,000 Saturday in St. Louis, Missouri. 


The latest has been the “Joe the Plumber” strategy, of claiming Obama is a socialist bent on radically redistributing wealth.  Interestingly enough, the good people of St. Louis seem to like the idea of a tax cut for those 95 % of American workers (and 98% of small businesses) making less than a quarter million a year.  People who make up most of the crowd, and I’m sure aren’t happy with their characterization by McCain of not paying their taxes (which the IRS most certainly asks them for each April 15, although less so if Obama gets in).

Meanwhile, I guess Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann will want all these people investigated, claiming in this surreal MSNBC video that Obama’s friends and liberals in general are “anti-American” and the press should do a McCarthy era type investigation of anyone to the left in congress.

OK, I know the McCain/Palin campaign has brought out a lot nuts, but this woman is a U.S. Congresswoman?  The United States still being a democracy, the last time I checked? 

I’ve got news for Rep. Bachmann.  All those people in St. Louis, and around the country, who are coming to hear Obama; and all of us who are going to be voting for him on November – We Are the American People, too.

And . . .

We’re Voting for Real Change.

Yes, We Can!


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