Obamamania Videos – Harlem & the Boss

I thought I was over Obamamania, but just a little bit more before getting down to serious issues (which was, after all, why we elected him). 

First, check out this video by Tonya TKO of the scene in Harlem, 1:30 am the night Barack was elected:

Wow!  We had people in the streets of Seattle partying election night, too, including outside Pike Place Market, but nothing like that!

Then this one of Bruce Springsteen’s new song, Workin’ On a Dream (with his wife, Patti Scialfa) at the Obama at the rally in Cleveland:


I will be catching up on some local concerts and issues shortly.  It’s just been a bit too busy in the human rights world lately.  Even Obama can’t change everything.  It still takes our work (and his election shows what can be done).


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