Seattle Human Rights Film Festival – Part 2 – Saturday

Our Seattle Human Rights Film Festival continues this Saturday, February 7, at the Northwest Film Forum, starting with Breaking Ranks at 11:30 am, a documentary about four former US soldiers seeking asylum in Canada as part of their resistance to the war in Iraq.

Fire Under the Snow, a film about a Tibetan monk, Palden Gyatso, shows at 1 pm. Palden Gyatso has come to Seattle to speak about several times, and it is always a powerful experience. He was arrested in 1959 for taking part in a peaceful demonstration and was imprisoned and tortured for 33 years.

Israel drafts young women as well as men, and To See If I’m Smiling, our 3 pm film Saturday, follows six female Israeli soldiers stationed in Gaza and the West Bank.   Then at 5 pm, Female Faces of War examines the effect of the Iraq war on women – both women American soldiers and Iraqi women who are in the line of fire with their families.

Female Faces of War is the first film of the festival’s Stop Violence Against Women evening.

The Sari Soldiers, at 7 pm, Saturday, tells the story of six women in Nepal on opposing sides and in the middle of the conflict between the government and Maoist insurgents.  One of the women, Devi, is trying to find out the fate of her daughter and seeking justice.  Devi spoke out publicly when her niece is tortured and murdered by the Royal Nepal Army, whose 15 year old daughter is then abducted in retaliation. 

Our final film of Saturday evening, at 9 pm, is Shame, the courageous story of Mukhtaran Mia, a poor and illiterate Pakistani woman who was gang raped and paraded naked in public in retribution for her brother’s “crime” of being interested in a girl from a higher social class. Mukhtaran not only stands up to the Pakistani judicial system without the support of her family or villagers, but gives back to the community that betrayed her, building their first school.

Still to come, Sunday’s Seattle Human Rights Film Festival films!


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