Rockin’ Out at the U. District Street Fair

OK, so last weekend was the University District Street Fair (and I’m definitely behind in my music postings). During the University District Street Fair, “the Ave.”, as we call it, is taken over by craft and food booths, and music everywhere.

On Saturday, May 16, we had a folk-punk band jamming on the street:


Then I rocked out a little to the last few songs by The People Now:


Further down the Ave., this guy was jammin’ to the Quichua Mashis, an Andean band who has been playing Seattle’s street fairs and Pike Place Market for years.


Here’s a short clip from YouTube of the Quichua Mashis playing the Oregon Country Fair:

Next group took me back to the 60’s.  A really, young, mod group!  Hey wait a second, if it was the 60’s I’d be in grade school, not old enough to be one of their moms and then some!


No matter, they were good!  They closed out with an incredible jam of Santana’s Soul Sacrifice, but did a lot of original work.  Here’s their Inside Out at the Sunset Tavern from YouTube:

Wait, I forgot to tell you their name!  They’re Shotty!

That Sunday I was working on getting photocopying done and buying a few more clipboards for our Troy Davis vigil.  I went down 15th and cut through the alley and caught some great folk music coming from a woman playing Cafe Allegro, but alas, she was no longer playing after I made my copies and I didn’t get her name.

Coming up the Ave.  through the street fair again, I heard some more great rock and roll. Dog Leg Preacher! This time from guys a bit closer to my own age.  No one’s going to mistake me for their mom!  Woo. . . I was starting to feel ancient. . .


These guys I could believe played at a bar, or the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which was where their commemorative cd was from and where they made a movie of their adventure that the preview below is from.

Up the Ave., though, once more from a young gun. The guys from Shotty must be looking over their shoulders for this young man! He was jammin’ away on the drums!


Coolest thing was, he was evidently just walking by with his mom and his brother and joined the session!  I overheard his brother complaining: “But Mom, he got $7!” (in tips).  He goes, “. . .but I was playing the drum kit!” Maybe his brother will pick up an instrument, and then before you know it, they’ll be fighting over girls!  No, wait, once these kids are playing the Ave for real, there’ll be bands where I’m old enough to be the musicians grandmother. . . Eeek!

Next up – Folklife!  Hopefully before another week. . .


One thought on “Rockin’ Out at the U. District Street Fair

  1. Hi, this is Shotty’s Mgr. Thanks for all the kind words. The guys had a blast playing the show! Come see us at The Bite of Seattle July 17th at 2:00. : )


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