Pearl Jam is Finally Playing Seattle!

Oh, yes, in other news Thursday: Pearl Jam is playing Seattle on September 21 & 22 at Key Arena.  Yes!  I believe in miracles!

Eddie and the boys playing I Believe in Miracles by The Ramones in Santiago,Chile in 2005.

Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 are opening both shows. 

Their official Shimmer & Shine video:

Wow!  What a line-up!

So I’m going to try for the Ten Club pre-sale tickets Monday (It’s too late to join now, for this round!).  Will it be another miracle, or rats?

Pearl Jam plays Rats in Boston, 2006:

One thing is for sure, I won’t feel indifference!

Acoustic version of Pearl Jam’s Indifference by Ben Harper and Eddie Vedder at Madison Square Garden in 2000 (vintage, with a plug for Ralph Nader and some Bush bashing by Eddie):

More rock & roll coming soon!  I just survived my first mosh pit to see Mudhoney at the West Seattle Fest yesterday evening! It wasn’t intentional. . .



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