Getting Our Goats in the U District

So, there’s a new P-Patch community garden coming to our neighborhood – in the vacant lot filled with brush and hidden trash for years on University Way between the Vagrant Records’ recording studio and the apartment building on 56th


All that brush has always seemed like a potential hazard, especially when the apartment building had a serious fire a few years back.  I could see a busted up computer monitor through the fence when I walked by and used to wonder what else was there.  It turns out crates, a vacuum cleaner, a shopping cart and a lot of other junk. 

Once that’s all out, they have to clear out the brush.  To my delight, this sign appeared one day:


Yes!  There’s going to be some new kids on the block!  The goats are coming to clear the brush!

I don’t know why it tickles me so much.  I first saw goats nibbling their way though the weeds and brush above Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco when I was visiting for an Amnesty International conference four years ago.


I saw them from the cable car, and when I went up the hill to check them out, they were grazing up a storm. 

I know we have some here, too.  Maybe we’ll get the crew from Vashon Island’s Rent a Ruminant! Got to love that name!

Here’s some goats going to town above the freeway downtown (music by Today):

I know it’s crazy.  It just makes me happy we’ll have a herd of goats grazing and clearing out brush just up the street.  Then people living in apartments will get to plant their own gardens. It’s win, win all around!


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