Pearl Jam Countdown

OK, so yes, Pearl Jam is finally playing Seattle again, and it’s less than a week from tonight, Mon. Sept. 21 (and a week from tonight, Tues. Sept 22, for the lucky ones who have tickets to that show).  Not only that, Easy Street Records is having a Saturday night party and midnight release of the new Backspacer album.  Whoo, hoo!


The boys are definitely back and tearing it up! They’ve played several songs off the album, including Got Some which they played on the Tonight Show and I previously posted through VodPod (it’s also in the little VodPod viewer on toward the bottom of the side panel).

The FixerPearl Jam’s first single off Backspacer, has been playing on the radio and on their MySpace page for some time now, and they released the infamous Cameron Crowe shoot video on both iTunes (as a free download) and on YouTube (below) a few weeks ago.

I love it!  OK, sure it looks like an old school MTV video and not a “real” concert.  I’d forgotten how fun some of those videos were (and yes, even the Dancing in the Dark video die-hard Springsteen fans still moan about – well, the guys, anyways, the girls moan about it a little differently. . .).  Eddie and the rest of the guys look great and they’re having a blast.  At the Showbox in Seattle!  Oh, yeah!  OK, it’s a crowd of extras.  Seriously, though, if they did it with a real crowd, say after one of Mike’s side gigs, after about the third take, if not sooner, there would be guys shouting out “Play Drop the Leash, you pussies!”

They also released a video on the making of Backspacer:

Warning: Eddie throws a mean ax (no, not a guitar, the real thing)!  Living up to the “Crazy Eddie” as they refer to him in the video made for the re-issue of Ten.


Official Pearl Jam photo by Karen Loria.

I saw the silent version of this film. . .

Just Breath is another song they’ve given us a preview of, as an internet treasure hunt.  I found the mp3 (admittedly, getting the crib sheet off the Pearl Jam message pit), but lost the file.  It downloaded and played itself on Quick Time, a player I don’t use so often.  I can’t find it there or anywhere now though (except as part of the above video). 

Obviously, not a good candidate for secretly downloading the whole album ahead of time (and I missed the link anyways). Oh, yes, some of the fans are complaining about that – that the Pearl Jam message board administrator would take down links to unauthorized mp3s of the new album, other wise known as copyright infringement. Which, admittedly, is harder to draw the line at in this digital age, and by the way, the Janis Joplin video from the Festival Express film on the last entry where I talked about this has evidently been removed for . . . umm, I believe. . . copyright infringement. Truthfully, a lot of video on YouTube is iffy, and sometimes the artists or record companies call it in.

Pearl Jam is actually pretty lenient in this area, which, ironically, may be why fans get so upset when they actually say “No.  We want to release this album on our own terms.”

Pearl Jam has played one more song off the album Supersonic, here on an iffy YouTube video (the two above are from Pearl Jam’s official YouTube channel):

So we’re going to hear and be able to buy (not just pre-order) the whole album in four nights here in Seattle!  So, yes, Pearl Jam did do the Target thing as their exclusive big box store, but kept the independent record stores in the loop. 

Easy Street Records’ West Seattle store is having a Pearl Jam “Backspacer Bash” and Midnight Sale from 9 pm Saturday night until 12:30 am. Classic live and rare Pearl Jam from 9  – 11 pm, then from 11 pm to midnight, we get to listen to Backspacer, which goes on sale at midnight!

Awesome, and they’re collecting food for the West Seattle Foodbank – 2 non-perishable food items for a free 2008 Pearl Jam Tote Bag, while supplies last.  Bring 5 and you get that and are entered to win prizes like “Pearl Jam Vs. Ames Bros. books / Live at Benaroya Hall vinyl / Eddie Vedder Live at Kenyon Hall poster and much, much more!”

Any chance the band will stop by?  I don’t know.  Saturday is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day. . . Anything could happen!


Official Pearl Jam photo by Karen Loria.

One thing is for sure – I will see them Monday night. . .at Key Arena. . .Pearl Jam finally playing Seattle again! 


Official Pearl Jam photo by Karen Loria


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