Troubadour Night in Ballard

Friday night I went down to Ballard for KISS Cafe’s Troubadour Night. I watched a blazing pack of bicyclists heading from Wallingford to the U District and caught a beautiful red sunset over the Olympics as the bus came over the rise from Wallingford down into Ballard.


When I got there a few minutes past 8, Clare Tonelli had already started and the very small cafe was totally packed.  Clare has a beautiful voice and I’m impressed by her songwriting at such a young age.

Check out her music at: and in the video below.

Bryant Moore and his band did a rockin’ & harmonizing set next.


I don’t know if there’s anything by the band up, but Bryant’s MySpace page is at:


Then I got to finally hear Lee Tyler Post live. I’ve been listening to his music on the internet for years, going back to the old, back when they were the place for independent musicians. Lee writes and sings very heartfelt folk rock/Americana. Mary Pender sang with him and her singing is very heart felt, too (not to mention, she got up and danced while the other musicians were playing). Lee’s last song and his Emancipate album are dedicated to his wife, Jackie, who came with him from Port Angeles and was selling his cds.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
“Lee Tyler Post “Howlin’ Wind” Video posted with vodpod

Music at:



I really liked Jacob Carver and his band, too.  Americana/country rock and great lyrics. 



Andrew Vait & The Lonesome Pioneers closed out the night. A bit more rock, indie music.



Headed off to catch my bus back to the U District feeling a definite autumn chill in the air.  Managed to loose my poster not once, but twice on the way home – recovering it outside KISS Cafe the first time, only to find it gone by the time I got home, lost somewhere on the Ave. 


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