Pearl Jam’s Local Shout Outs

I have been meaning to give a shout out to Pearl Jam’s local shout outs at their second Seattle show (the one I didn’t go to, being one of their poorer fans). Maybe now is good timing anyways, given that the official bootlegs of the Seattle shows are available on cd and to download in the Pearl Jam goods section (see my previous blog entry for a review and YouTube clips I found from show 1).

First, a shout out by Eddie to his “favorite record store in West Seattle, Easy Street Records” and a driving version of (what else?) – Spin the Black Circle!

I wonder if some of their younger fans even get the lyrics:

See this needle…a see my hand…
Drop, drop, dropping it down…oh, so gently…
Well here it comes…I touch the plane…
Turn me up…won’t turn you away…


Pull it out…a paper sleeve…
Oh, my joy…only you deserve conceit…

Ah, remember?

You’re so warm…oh, the ritual…when I lay down your crooked arm…

Although, they were selling a lot of records (or, vinyl, as the kids now-days call it) at Easy Street’s midnight sale. So, they have fans that don’t just remember!  Still, I remember how old I felt coming across a discussion on the Pearl Jam message board of one young guy trying to explain “vinyl” to another, then saying that this was all in theory only, he’d never actually played a record!

At least we still have Easy Street and a few other independent record stores in Seattle.  I gather from reading other posts that they’ve disappeared from some communities. I especially like how Easy Street features and respects local artists, both long time bands like Pearl Jam and the new, up and coming ones. They have a lot of in store concerts, and an in store cafe at the West Seattle branch to bring in a little extra money. I also like how Pearl Jam is selling the cd and record at independent record stores like Easy Street (which is one of the things they negotiated for with the Target deal, no matter what you may think of them selling it there).

One more shout out from their September 22 Key Arena show, Eddie changed the lyrics to their new Supersonic song to relate to the late Supersonics basketball team, who used play the Key until they were shipped to Oklahoma and became the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Eddie had another shout out for Seattle at the Vancouver show, though.  One we really didn’t want to hear. More at a later date, but . . .

Ouch!  Are Seattle crowds really that bad?


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