Mudhoney at Neumos

So, by about this time, I was ready to rock out.  There was a Friday the 13th Mudhoney show at Neumos. I had so much fun at their free show last summer at the West Seattle Fest, I wanted to see them again (and the inflation busting $18, after fees, didn’t hurt).

Bring on the mosh pits!

They had copies of the new Grunge book by photographer Michael Lavine available. I unfortunately didn’t have the money to buy a copy yet.  It was the photos of the street kids on the Ave., who shared the pages with our local rock royalty, that blew me away. He really captured their vulnerability (under their tough bravado), which I know isn’t how most people view the street kids (the public menace we widened the sidewalks on the Ave. to get rid of, which actually gave them more room to hang out. . .).

Okay, back to my not so great photography. . .


Unnatural Helpers

The Unnatural Helpers opened. Young and loud, they really rocked. Here’s one of their songs from their record label on YouTube:

Check out more of their music on MySpace:


Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, the current band of Tad Doyle of TAD fame, was up next. Bone shaking loud, right from the start.  Heavy metal.  A bit too intense for me, but most of the crowd was really into it.

A clip from the show on YouTube:

Okay, that off-kilter camera technique really adds to the effect. . .



Then, Mudhoney!  What can I say?  Both they and the crowd have such a good time, it’s a total blast.  Nothing high minded, in fact some of their earlier songs are pretty sexist, though often funny.

I’m kind of getting the hang of this moshing (though staying out of the worst of it).  In fact, I moshed my way to the front of the stage.

I found I was being much too gentile last time, being glad I had finished my lemonade before the moshing began.  Evidently, throwing your drink up into the air and getting it all over everyone is part of the fun. . . 

OK. I still don’t get all of this grunge stuff.

Got to love the crowd surfing!  Great song for it, too. 

Nah, not trying that.  Still getting over that ride backwards on the running board of the cable car in San Francisco. Whoooaaaa!


I was well rocked out by the time the show ended well after 1 in the morning and ready to conquer the world again (well, maybe after a little sleep)!


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