Behind Door Number 1 – The Dusty 45s!

Caught The Dusty 45s twice last weekend! First up was their free show at the Queen Anne Easy Street Records. I wandered up after work that Friday, though downtown and Belltown, then past Seattle Center.


Wandering past this poignant scene in front of the Seattle Art Museum – The Hammering Man is missing his left arm, which is in for repairs due to repetitive stress injury! Hope he’s getting Workmen’s Comp, and maybe the wage & hour folks should look into this, too. According to the city’s sign, since 1992, The Hammering Man has logged 90,000 hours, striking four times a minute!

Who do I call? Oh, wait, I have a show to go to. . .

So I stayed out of trouble (hmm, maybe we need a rally or march on SAM), stopped off for a quick cup of coffee at Uptown Espresso and got to the record store early,

This was my first time at an in-store show at either of the Easy Street locations, so I was trying to figure out where they’d fit the band. I noticed people were hanging around the record racks in back (new LPs, err, vinyl; not just dusty 45s).  I didn’t think it was odd that the Nirvana mural was on what looked like a garage door.


It was like one of those old game shows. They raised the door and behind Door Number 1, it’s. . .


. . .The Dusty 45s! Whew, we chose right. It could have been a goat or Officer O’Malley of the FBI from the Cheech & Chong album. . .

Seriously, Easy Street Records is a cool venue to see one of your favorite bands.  Check their website so see who’s playing the stores next. 


It makes for an all ages show, too!

The Dusty 45s played their entire Fortunate Man album, in order. It’s all original material, written by lead singer Billy Joe Huels. A lot of songs about romance (going good or gone bad, though mostly the former), a couple on not being greedy, and ending on 3 very personal ones: Stompin’ Through, about his brother’s schizophrenia, Perfect Piece of Art, dedicated to his wife (who was there, and had also recently just donated a kidney), and City Girl, dedicated to his parents (also present) and about their marriage.


Ending on an encore of Chase Your Dream, with the obligatory trumpet lighting.


Then they stuck around to sign everyone’s cds!

Coming up next, with videos, The Dusty 45s at the Tractor Tavern the following night!


The Dusty 45s:

on Facebook:

(30 second clips from the album, from iLike, under the music tab)

Easy Street Records:

In addition to their shows and record stores like Easy Street, Fortunate Man is also up on iTunes.


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