Dusty 45s CD Release & Originals at the Tractor

So after catching their show at Easy Street Records on a Friday night, I headed over to the Tractor Tavern for The Dusty 45s’ second show Saturday.


The Raggedy Anns opened  – a young band of guys who harkened back to the British invasion of the 60s, with a some swing in there, too. Their trumpet player also played the clarinet.

IMG_9307 (2)

Cool! Took me back a-ways and got the crowd dancing.

Here’s a video from a previous gig at the Vera Project:

Check out more of their music at:



To make it extra special,The Dusty 45s played only originals all night, until the encore.

In addition to my usual, excessive number of photos of questionable quality, I managed to shoot two videos. Title cut, Fortunate Man, above. OK, a little shaky on camera technique, but the band is great!


Along with their new album, they also played some of their older stuff, including Bumble Bee (they had a lot of fun with that one), and Chase Your Dream.


I had a dream! Well, at least I remember I had one! Some day some one will YouTube my only (as far as I know), video taped stand up routine. . .

I don’t know it that will be a good day or not. . .

Back to the show!

32 Quarters, their finale for the main set. My memory card gave out shortly after the bugle lighting, but caught enough of it to give you the idea (and the song really rocks). That dapper young man who flicks his Bic, is, of course, the lead singer from The Raggedy Anns.


More about The Dusty 45s, including their upcoming shows at:



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