Back to Seattle After a Flight to Mars

So, I was starting to get back into the Seattle music after my wayward adventures in New Orleans. Now it was time to come totally home with another Flight to Mars!


Yes, that’s right! Time for the annual Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation fundraiser, with Pearl Jam’s  Mike McCready and friends and their UFO tribute band, Flight to Mars. Our Captain, Paul Passereli, above.

Seriously, they really should have a sci-fi series based on Paulie and his crew!

On with the Flight to Mars show, though!


As usual, we had some acoustic sets opening, including one by Mike McCready. One of the songs he did was Neil Young’s Too Far Gone. Here’s a clip (by stefferzz1970) from a previous show at Fuel Sports:

Jeff Rouse (from Duff McKagen’s Loaded) came out and joined Mike to sing River of Deceit, by Mad Season (a Seattle super-group that included Mike McCready and Alice in Chains Layne Staley on lead vocals) as he did for the Hootenanny for Haiti show. A clip, also by stefferzz1970, from the same Fuel Sports show:

Star Anna and Justin Davis, from her group the Laughing Dogs, also came out to do a set.


Devil Don’t Remember was an intense opener, but then again, when you’ve got a short acoustic in a totally packed Showbox at the Market. . .

Here’s Star Anna the full band with Devil Don’t Remember at the Mississippi Pizza’s Atlantis Lounge in Portland last year (video by humanclock):

More from Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs soon. I caught them at a totally packed Tractor Tavern show last week.

Sweet Water got things rocking, next.


Intensely rocking! They were all over the stage and they have the rock moves. . . Got to love their bio on their website:

Rising from the ashes of 80s Seattle punk bands SGM, Skank Puppies, and The Experience, Sweet Water (Adam, Cole, Paul, and Credo) shot to near-stardom in the early 90s Seattle explosion. Propelled by keen pop-punk sensibilities, spacey glam songwriting, and fueled by a roaring wall of guitar, Sweet Water delivered on the promises of rock and roll.

Sweet Water’s live performances back then were hot, sweaty, screaming, smoky, passionate, substance-fueled affairs that permanently burned memories into their fans’ brains.

Singer Adam Czeisler shined like the bastard child of Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger – a real frontman in an era of shoegazers.

Here’s a clip of Head Down from a show at Neumos last year (video by BlackTemplar73):

Up next was the drawing for the raffle items ($5 a ticket, 5 for $20), with the evenings’ proceeds to benefit the CCFA’s Camp Oasis for kids with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis; and Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness, Inc.


Autographed posters, Pearl Jam cds, Mike & his wife’s tickets to the Mariners for a night. . . All kinds of good stuff, for a worthy cause!

Now it was time to blast off!


This is just an awesome band and show, with some of Seattle’s best rock musicians – Mike McCready, Gary Westlake, Paul Passereli, Kelly Van Camp, Ty Bailie and Tim DiJulio.

I got some video this time. Here they are with Natural Thing:

“Don’t you think the band’s real tight?. . .”

Mike’s solo at the end sounds like it’s from outerspace, too!

Got to love these club shows! Mike McCready up close and personal all night.


And the whole band playing so well off each other, sometimes literally. . .


My second video was too long for YouTube’s 10 minutes max rule, so I set up an account on Vimeo. You really can’t edit Rock Bottom! Especially with an extended Mike McCready solo in the middle of it. . .

Epic, and just when you think it’s over, they start in again!

“Where do we go from here?”

Well, they brought out the guy who won the charity bid to play with Mike and the band.

IMG_0779 (2)

Sweet! He isn’t going to forget that night. . .

This was on Iggy Pop’s  I Wanna Be Your Dog. This guy came out to sing:


. . . and I know I probably should know who it is. He came out and did this song for at least one other Flight to Mars show.


Let there be light! Someone else got video other than me! Here’s the start of their cover of Let There Be Rock by AC/DC, by rsavillo21. His memory card became full. I’ve been there (in fact, mine did that night, too; but I was just shooting photos and switched it out).

Are those the infamous Pearl Jam super balls Mike’s handing out at the other side of the stage? The ones with Tom Tomorrow’s artwork?  Hey, I wouldn’t have sold mine on e-Bay! Mike was throwing out guitar picks all night, too. Too bad Seattle crowds aren’t as jaded with Pearl Jam memorabilia as the New Orleans crowd is with Mardi-Gras beads. I didn’t find any just laying around.

OK! I’m back in Seattle. Safely landed with the Flight to Mars crew!


. . .and. . . still over two weeks behind!

A couple more shows and a couple human rights events coming!

Oh, yeah, and my birthday! It was a big one. Let’s just say I haven’t trusted myself in over 20 years. . . OK, I never trusted myself. That’s beside the point!


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