Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs at the Tractor

I have seen a lot of shows in Seattle just since coming back from New Orleans, and Star Anna played in almost all of them; but it was time for a full show, with the full band – The Laughing Dogs. . .


I love that poster, and the band! I think I saw all those dogs out for a walk together, with two old guys, on Capitol Hill last weekend. . .

Opening that night at The Tractor was a young band, The Legendary Oaks, and they and their songs sounded good, even if their presentation needed a little work.


They did a funny song about Ted Nugent and his love of guns. . . Something about – so patriotic and so psychotic. . .

Check out their music at:

Hurricane Chaser was next (and the room was getting packed). Wow! They were great. A bit of 60s mixed in, while it fit in good with the Americana.


Check out their music at:


Couldn’t find videos for either of the opening bands.

Holy . . .! I don’t think I’ve ever seen The Tractor as packed as it was by this point. Hootenanny for Haiti really raised her profile, and especially Duff McKagen’s rave reviews, both on stage and in the Seattle Weekly.

A rising star, and that’s no lie.

No, really, I saw her back when she was playing The Tractor. . .


Star really rose to the occasion, opening with Spinning My Wheels (and I really wish I had some video from that night).

Here’s Spinning My Wheels at the High Dive back in January (video by jpseawa):

Very intense, and very good. . . and the crowd. . .

Here’s one more of the songs she sang, Where I Come From, about her hometown of Ellensburg, Washington. Video from the Joshua Tree Festival by motnovak:

Another great night, ending, as I recall, on Otis Redding’s That’s How Strong My Love Is!


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