Kristen Ward, West Seattle and My Birthday

So, last Friday was my birthday. What year is it? I’m how old? How did this happen?!!!

How old was I?  I’ll give you a hint. TV show from my childhood with a tune from The Ventures for it’s theme song. . .

That’s right. . .I hit the big 5–0! Book her, Danno!

Fortunately, those AARP folks aren’t as wily as McGarrett & his crew. I still haven’t got my card from them.

I didn’t go to Hawaii for my birthday, but I did go to West Seattle!


photo by JoJo Tran

Yes, I actually did take my birthday off this year! Although I felt a little guilty about it, I even went to hear music that night instead of to a human rights event.

I was originally planning to go to the UW Center for Human Rights 1st Annual Celebration. Even though Sophia from my Amnesty International Group thought I was nuts. It was my birthday! They had it covered!

Then I saw Kristen Ward was playing the West Seattle Easy Street Records that night. I missed Kristen’s cd release party while I was in New Orleans for the Amnesty International AGM, and it was my 50th (and our AI group was well represented at the Center for Human Rights event). . .

I came over to West Seattle early with my friend JoJo from our AI group. We checked out Alki Beach.


We walked up it a ways and got some good shots of the Seattle skyline.


On our way back up the beach, I stopped at the ladies room and discovered it was a city furlough day, which turned out to mean no toilet tissue. Fortunately I had a pack of Kleenex in my purse. I gave out the rest of the tissues to the other women in line

We were checking out the restaurants once we go to the commercial stretch of Alki and found the Saigon Boat Cafe. JoJo ordered for us in Vietnamese, and we had a tasty meal of sandwiches, pho (soup), and then chicken and rice. All very spicy and good. Unfortunately the one thing I couldn’t eat were the cream filled puff pastries they brought me because JoJo mentioned it was my birthday.

We hopped the 37, which took the scenic route to the Junction (California & Alaska, the heart of the business district in West Seattle).

Fortunately, I could get away with a cupcake at Cupcake Royale with my health problem. Cupcakes seemed a much better idea than a party with a big cake and trying to fit all those candles on there and needing to call the fire department. . .

Hey, wait a minute! No, I wouldn’t want to keep them from putting out real fires. . . besides, if I want to see hunky firemen, I could go to the WSCFF Burn Foundation Firefighter Calendar judging event next week. . .


Ahem! So anyways, after our cupcakes, JoJo and I headed across the street to Easy Street Records, where Kristen and her band were just setting up. No hidden doors like the Queen Anne Easy Street. They take out the tables from the cafe section at the West Seattle store.

IMG_1166 (2)

It was, as Kristen noted, like playing in someone’s living room. People gathered out in the street, as well as in the store (with children bouncing along), and even drivers passing by were pausing to listen. Kristen (and her band), as always, sounded great.

Here’s a clip of Last Night on Division I recorded:

JoJo took a lot of photos, too; and had photos taken, not being shy about talking to people like me.


After I got a signed cd, JoJo and I went out in search of an Irish pub, and ended up deciding to hop the bus and go to Paddy Coynes in JoJo’s neighborhood, where they were just starting their second happy hour when we arrived.

All in all, a pretty good birthday (and I’m still dodging that AARP card)!


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