Acoustic Laughing Dogs at the Fremont Abbey

So, in between all the music at the U District Street Fair, I went to catch some more music at the Fremont Abbey. Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs were playing an acoustic set there, and I wanted to check out the opening acts as well.


It was my first time at the Fremont Abbey, which is in, of course, an old church, and a real intimate space for a show.


Sadie Ava opened, with her band, The Crooked Road. Their music was good, kind of old-time folk.

Here’s Peaches from earlier this year recorded by autumdiver:

Check out more of Sadie Ava’s music & upcoming gigs at:

Kasey Anderson was next, and he was impressive. Very strong writing and singing (which reminds me a little of Steve Earle).


I Was a Photograph is a powerful song about the young soldier in the photograph from early in the Iraq War. You probably remember the photo even before they show it in the video below. I remember the follow up articles about how he was doing when he got back, which Kasey captures so eloquently and painfully in the song.

Here’s the official video of the song:

You know my face. I was a photograph,
On the front page beneath a headline of war.
I was numb back then, boy. I ain’t even numb no more. . .

Explore more of Kasey’s music and find his tour schedule at:


Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs were, as always, awesome. It worked really great having the full band do an an acoustic set, and made for a more intimate and different kind of show than a all out rocker at The Tractor.

Here’s their closer, All Alone in This Together, from The Fremont Abbey show:

Check out more of Star Anna’s music and where she’s playing next at:

More music to come, and then some human rights!


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