University District Street Fair – Day 2: Exploring

It was time to see what else was happening at the University District Street Fair that Sunday, especially since it was just down the street from me. . .


It seemed like there was more dancing the second day, even though we got a little rain (and me in my sun hat. . .).

While I missed their official set in the morning, I got to hear the Quichua Mashis, who were busking down on the lower Ave.


The Quichua Mashis play traditional music from their native Ecuador, and you can catch them at Pike Place Market and all around Seattle in the summer.

Here they are from the Street Fair (in the one good video I made that day):

OK – the people just hanging out on stage with the band so their friends can take photos is a disturbing phenomenon (though the band handles it great).

Kind of like the people landing on stage and just standing there until security hauls them away at the Mudhoney show. Too much Guitar Hero or reality shows? Am I just kind of “old school” in thinking you don’t just get on stage with the band while they’re playing?

Learn more about the Quichua Mashis and get their music at:

Other slightly disturbing sights from the U District Street Fair:

Will the deep fried fair food trend never end?


Glad I couldn’t try that one due to my health problem (and sanity)!

Then there’s there’s the live “Save the Unicorn” video game. . .

IMG_1505 (2)

I think I would have found this slightly scary as a kid. . .


OK – more than slightly. . .

Back to some music!


Depression era music! Perfect for our times, and seriously, this band is great. Slimpickins, and you can catch them at Pike Place Market and at festivals throughout the summer as well.

Here’s a video of them playing Jerry the Junker by the Seattle Theatre Group:

Check out their music on MySpace at:


Tubaluba, a Seattle based New Orleans style jazz & funk band, brought out the sunshine, and got people dancing!


Unfortunately, shooting into the sun for my videos wasn’t a great idea, especially as I discovered spots on my camera, which turned out to be dirt on the inside and would have taken as much to clean as replace. . . 

Neither of my videos were usable. Here’s a Vimeo video of them playing When the Saints Come Marching In at the Nectar Lounge back in January by Stardust Cowboy:

Check out more of Tubaluba’s music at:

Tubaluba was the last band of the street fair at the 43rd St. stage. I headed toward home, finding more music on 47th.


Shiftless Layabout was playing some good funk, too.


More people were dancing. . .


People of all ages!

Sometimes even Seattle cuts loose! It was a fun weekend. . .

Before I forget, find Shiftless Layabout’s music at:

Catching up next with several human rights events, then some more music at Folklife!


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