Great June Shows

OK, I’m way far behind, but I don’t want to entirely skip mentioning all the great shows I’ve been lucky enough to see this summer (and maybe even some I’ve had to miss). Starting in June, since I’ve made it up through Folklife so far.

Hard Rock Cafe, Seattle

On June 5, I caught Kristen Ward at the Hard Rock Cafe. This was my first time at the Seattle Hard Rock, which was a nice, if very small, err, make that intimate (marketing, marketing), venue.

Lindsay Fuller & the Cheap Dates

Lindsay Fuller & the Cheap Dates opened. Lindsay is a really great singer/songwriter, and had some familiar faces in her band, including Jeff Fielder and Mark Pickerel.

Here’s a clip by sourmilkbiscuit of Lindsay Fuller & the Cheap Dates at the  Crackle & Pop  recording studio playing Trigger Happy:

For more of Lindsay’s music and where she’s playing next, see:

Kristen Ward

Kristen Ward and her band were terrific, as always.  While I didn’t get any video that night (my first club show with my new camera) I did at West Seattle Fest, which I will be posting shortly. Here’s Kristen with Drive Away at The Crocodile in February, posted  by jpseawa to YouTube:

Kristen’s music and what she’s up to next at:

While I already mentioned the Sting and Tom Petty concerts I tabled for AI in my Amnesty International update post, since they’re both going in slightly different directions, I thought I’d post a clip each here.

Sting was playing with the Royal Philharmonic (and has an album out with them now):

. . .and really enjoying himself doing it!

Tom Petty took a turn towards blues roots music with his latest album Mojo:

Also having a great time and re-energizing his music.

I know some people would just like to see their favorite musicians playing only all their oldies from when you were back in high school or college, and maybe writing new stuff along the same lines. It seems to me when they do that, they become almost a cover band of themselves (and usually end up playing county & state fairs). I think it helps keep the music fresh when they stretch in new directions and play side gigs with other musicians like the guys from Pearl Jam do locally.

There was one more show I table for Amnesty International at the very end of June. Steve Earle came back through again, this time  with Joe Ely opening, playing Zoo Tunes at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo on June 30. Percy from my AI group tabled with me this time, on his birthday.

I had not gotten a chance to hear Joe Ely live before, and really enjoyed his set.  Here he is with Live Forever at SXSW 2010 by Music Fog:

Steve Earle dedicated City of Immigrants to “the idiots in Arizona” with their new law (that’s been partially struck down today). He also talked about his gig on the Treme series on HBO, and the BP oil spill which has created far more havoc to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region on top of the recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Then he played This City, his song on the closing credits on the season closer of Treme (which I haven’t seen yet, not getting cable).

Here’s a clip of Steve singing it at Brit Fest by TheEnolaJay on YouTube:

I’ve got to say, I really admire the tenacity of Louisianans, those coming back after floods to New Orleans, and the Cajun fishers and seafood harvesters now inundated by oil who can’t make any money now but still don’t want to leave. . .


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