A Chill Fourth of July

Even though it’s been almost a month, I can’t get away with not mentioning Seattle’s 4th of July, which was both chilly and awesome. In spite of a cold and damp night, the annual Family Fourth at Gas Works Park had a spectacular fireworks display, saved by donations from the people after corporate sponsor Chase Bank pulled out and it was cancelled; topped off by a free concert by The Presidents of the United States of America (who also had an earlier set before the fireworks I missed).

Of course, most of my friends thought I was nuts to go out into the cold. I bundled up though and headed off to Gas Works Park on foot. Admittedly, when I got there early (though not early enough for the first PUSA show, which got rained on), it seemed a little dreary and forlorn. In fact, with all the tents up from families who had been there all day, it looked a little like a refugee camp.

Send sun!

“The people of Seattle need your help. Send summer.”

Seafair Pirate Ship

I went to the top of the hill to take pictures of the ships out on Lake Union. Uh, oh, is that a Seafair Pirate ship? More on those rapscallions when I get to my West Seattle post from the next weekend.

While I’m not big on crowds, one of the great things about watching the fireworks from Gas Works Park is that you’re surrounded by people whose ancestors came from, or maybe came from themselves, around the world, and especially families with children; which to me is one of the best things about America.

Waiting for the Fireworks

 I had my camera in widescreen mode to capture the city skyline before the fireworks, and since it was dark by the time they started, didn’t realize it was still on wide screen when I switched it to the fireworks setting (until I got home).

Seattle's Fireworks

It was an awesome show, starting with a sequence starting with the theme to Mission Impossible, pretty fitting, giving the odds were against us having a show this year. Here’s a YouTube video of the first part of the show from kenneth84:

After the fireworks, I made my way down the hill to where The Presidents of the United States of America were playing. I got there just in time to capture Lump on video. There is obviously a better version of this out there, but it would miss the fun of being almost bowled over by the television camera boom!

“She’s lump! She’s lump!”? I have no idea what this song is about, but it was a lot of fun, just like the rest of their set. They really had a lot of fun and got everyone going.

The Presidents of the United States of America

This little guy was rocking out on his daddy’s shoulders!

Rocking Out

Wonder if he’s a fan of lead singer Chris Ballew‘s Caspar Babypants?

As you may have noted in the Lump video, while the official fireworks were over by the time of the concert, fireworks were still going off, and in every direction as I was walking home. “Safe and sane home displays”, or maybe “safe and insane”, as one of the reservations advertises their’s?

In any case, summer was soon to come to Seattle, and at least got here in time for West Seattle Fest and the Seafair Pirates landing the next weekend, if not for Independence Day. Then again, if you wait for sunshine to have fun in Seattle, you’re not going to have a lot of fun. ; )

Although, hopefully this 4th of July will be one for the record books for a while. . .


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