The Dusty 45s Playing Everywhere This Summer

While I was late for their set in West Seattle, fortunately I did not have to wait long to hear The Dusty 45s again. In fact, they were playing a noon concert in front of City Hall that coming Thursday, on July 15th.   

The Dusty 45s Play City Hall Plaza

 City Hall is conveniently just a few blocks from my office, so I was able to catch part of their concert, which had a good size crowd, with some people even dancing. Here’s a clip of River from My Eyes, off their new cd: 

 Now, the difficult thing about a noon time concert was that I had to drag myself away and get back to work. Although I could still hear some of their music, especially Kelly’s drumming and Billy Joe’s trumpet, including the finale. I knew there was a trumpet in flames somewhere nearby.  Of course, someone had to catch it on video. Here the clip from the Seattle Arts channel: 

 I did stop by the sponsor’s table on my way back from City Hall, and got a pen and this piggy bank from the Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union. The way my current finances are, I better not put any money in it. It would be totally embarrassing (and sad) when I’d have to smash the poor little thing to buy some groceries (and not too many of them at that).  . .   

Credit Union Piggy Bank

 I did catch all of their next Dusty 45s’ concert I went to, on August 4. This one was within walking distance to my home, as part of the University Village Sounds of Summer Concert Series  (Wednesday nights, this week is the last one).   

Dancing to The Dusty 45s

 It was a great venue, and a beautiful evening, and the place was packed.  As you can see, a lot of dancing. . . and the boys were in fine form:   

The Dusty 45s Put on a Show

The Dusty 45s always put on a great show! Even more importantly, they’re an incredible talented band and always play up a storm! Although, fortunately, not literally . . . Here’s Walking in the Rain, also off their new cd (and you can see some of the incredible dancing their music inspires): 

That’s: Billy Joe Huels (lead singer, guitar & trumpet), Jerry Battista (lead guitar), Kelly Van Camp (drums & harmonica), and Jeff Grey (upright bass). Watch them all shine in their inspiring and literally smoking finale of Chase Your Dream:

I had a dream. I think. At some point. I think my dream right now, in this tanking economy, is not to end up at the Nickelsville tent city, which is now conveniently right down the street from me again. . .

You should chase your dream if you’re as talented and hard-working as The Dusty 45s, though!OK. It doesn’t hurt to be young either. I wasn’t going to be one of those old and cynical people. Hey, I grew up in the 60’s! I wasn’t supposed to get old, even. . .

Jerry Battista

Speaking of hard-working, when I got home and was uploading my photos to Flickr that night, I saw a familiar name in the Seattle Weekly under Seattle Best Guitarist:

Jerry Battista plays guitar in the Dusty 45s, the Davanos, the Lazyboys, the Jer-Kels, the Battista Brothers, the Two Fifths, and Suicide Jack. By the time you read this, he’ll likely have formed another band so that the Tuesday night off that’s been keeping his fingers all too idle is filled up. Battista will happily play any venue, from a gorgeous outdoor amphitheatre to the Tractor Tavern to the Little Red Hen to Rimrock Steakhouse’s cramped lounge to Mr. Villa’s dining room. There’s not a genre he can’t play, and he’ll never let pride get in the way of a steady booking. Take note, young Fender fondlers: This is how you make a living playing guitar. That Battista is extremely good at what he does is gravy on the potatoes. —Mike Seely   

Congratulations to Jerry, who’s playing one for his mother who was in the audience in the photo above!  

The Dusty 45s are playing all over Seattle, the Puget Sound and even the eastside of the state this summer; following their road tour of the midwest and south in June and early July (including playing the town square of Carlyle, Illinois, lead singer Billy Joe’s hometown, in honor of his dad’s 80th birthday).

Check out their calendar on their website to see where they’re playing near you in August and September if you’re in Seattle or Washington state, and if you’re not, it sounds like they’re back on the road after that (so, keep checking back):


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