Five Angels Benefit -Tears and Tunes

On August 10 I went to the Five Angels Benefit Concert, at Showbox Sodo, a benefit for the surviving family members of the victims of the Fremont fire.   Lost in the fire were 5 members of an extended family, 4 of them children. Just too sad.    

I unfortunately arrived late and missed the first band, Big Sur. Which is a shame. They sound real good from what I’ve heard online.    

Here’s a clip of them playing at Conor Bryne’s:    

More music at:    

I got there right before Massy Ferguson took the stage.   

Massy Ferguson

I really like this band! Here’s a clip of Powder Blue at the Sunset Tavern taken by TheShadyOne on YouTube:   

Website at:   

The fire victims family came up to the stage next. They were bearing up well, but it’s got to be hard.   

Family of the Fremont Fire Victims

Kris Orlowski and his band were next.   

Kris Orlowski

Here’s a clip of Small is Beautiful Dance from the West Seattle Summer Festival on YouTube by jeaniederange:   

More at:   

Next break was the drawings for all the different raffle prizes. Marty Riemer, who was mc’ing that night did the honors.   

Marty Riemer & Assistant Draw the Raffle Tickets

Marty is now podcasting with local music guests online from his home after being let go by KMTT. When I first heard that, I thought, “what the heck was KMTT thinking?” After reading in the West Seattle Herald that he was escorted out by a guard, I though “what the . . .?” Seriously? This man’s dangerous. He might tell a joke. . .or play a song that hasn’t been thoroughly vetted by a focus group. . .   

Article online at:   

Check out the Marty Riemer show at:   

The Ian McFeron Band closed out the night.   

Ian McFeron Band

They play really great folk rock. Here’s a clip from the band’s official YouTube channel of Sunday Afternoon at Lestat’s Coffee House in San Diego. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song about lost love:   

Ian McFeron Band’s official website is at:   

Of course, someone you love dying in a tragedy like a fire is a whole other degree of loss, and to lose 5 young members of a family at the same time (ages 5-22) is hard to imagine. There has to be some comfort in how the community came together in support.   

Biblical quote from the website:   

“Weeping may last through the night, but JOY comes in the morning”   

-Psalms 30:5   

Benefit website at:


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