Catch Star Anna & the Laughing Dogs at Bumbershoot!

You should definitely catch Star Anna & the Laughing Dogs at Bumbershoot, and not only because Pearl Jam‘s Mike McCready is joining them for a few songs (and even if the standard tickets that include Bob Dylan are already sold out).

I know. I’m 4 concerts behind on this blog (and need to get back to mixing in some human rights issues), and yet here I am writing about one of the great ones that got away, with both the Columbia City Theater being a little too challenging to get back from by public transit after midnight, and being so broke at the time I really didn’t have the $12, I think it was (unless I skipped food until payday, and yes, I probably should have).

Fortunately there is video of the show up on YouTube, and I’ll start with this one of Space Beneath the Door by Outlaw Digital Media:

I knew I was missing something special, as she hinted there was going to be a fourth Laughing Dog, and that it was keyboardist Ty Bailie (who plays all those benefit concerts with Mike McCready & friends, including last night’s Hootenanny).   Of course, it wasn’t just Ty Bailie, everyone else’s intensity level increased, and this was already an awesome band.

Here they are on a slower, and very beautiful, new song, For When I Go:

Wow!  Star’s voice. . .The band, too, though: that’s Justin Davis (lead guitar & back up vocals), Travis Yost (drums), Keith Ash (bass), along with now, and hopefully a permanent addition, Ty Bailie (keyboard), and, of course, Star Anna.

What comes to mind with Ty joining the Laughing Dogs is a discussion I had with my friend Merri Ann when we saw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band their last time though. She wanted to know what Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out was all about: “When the change was made uptown and the Big Man joined the band. . .” Well, of course that part of the song is about the E Street Band coming together. I hadn’t really given that line much thought before or since, until now. I hadn’t really realized what a wonderous thing a band coming together is. Of course, The E Street Band was already fully together by the time I heard of them.  This is the first time I’m aware of seeing it happen.

. . . and tomorrow (or, rather, tonight – it’s after midnight). . .Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs are playing with Mike McCready!  Once again, it’s not going to be just Mike that makes it so great. See this clip of Star Anna and the rest of the Laughing Dogs when Mike joined them for Wolves in Disguise at Spaceland in Silver Lake, CA (from the band’s YouTube page):

Check out Star Anna dueling on guitar with Mike McCready toward the end. I had no idea she could play like that.  Then it’s a three-way, with Justin, and the rest of the band is really going full tilt as well.

I know this is posted way too late. It’s less than 13 hours to showtime (1:15 – 2:15 at the Mural Amphitheater, Saturday). If you don’t catch Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs there, check their schedule to see them somewhere down the road.

Their website, with streaming audio, is at:


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