An Almost Perfect Evening at the High Dive

After missing Kristen Ward, on a double bill with Kasey Anderson (who I also really like), at the Columbia City Theater due to bus logistics, I was glad to see she was playing at the High Dive in Fremont next. If worse came to worse, I could walk home from Fremont, or at least part of the way. . . or maybe not, depending on my health, as I was to find fortunately (or maybe not) after the show.

I enjoyed all three bands. First up was Explone, whose music has been getting some play on KEXP.  Here they are with Michigan:

Kristen Ward and her band were up next. She played a lot of new music from her upcoming cd (which I’m looking forward to). A lot more than Last Night on Division, but what can I say? I like the song, so it’s the one I taped again:

Closing out the evening were The Bradbury Press. Their lead singer was evidently just back from living in Boston for awhile, and their fans were obviously happy to have him back and hear the band again. I really like their sound and their songwriting. This one is The Front:

There’s another song they do, Domino, that’s real mind-bending. Three very different outcomes (& 2 of them life changing) for a man at a bar deciding whether to first make a phone call, have another drink or talk to an old friend. I was thinking at the time that hopefully most decisions on a night out aren’t that eventful; but then again, maybe sometimes it is the small decisions (and come to think of it, I’ve had at least one bad, and maybe a possible good one since).

I got out of the show just in time to run for the last bus around 1:30 am. One that leaves me a usually short 10 minute walk home.  Ran for the bus just as I realized my gut problem was back again.

Let’s just say I renewed my respect for Mike McCready for speaking out about Crohn’s Disease (which is far worse that what I have), including the bathroom legislation he helped pass; and for stilll getting out there and rocking. This stuff is hard enough as a music fan. . .

. . . and I was having an enjoyable evening. . .


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