Vince Mira and The Dusty 45s

So, I finally checked out Vince Mira, best known as the young man who sounds like Johnny Cash; playing on a double bill with my favorites, The Dusty 45s at The Triple Door

Musicquarium's Aquarium

I headed over after work and a brief stop at the library, coming early to take advantage of The Triple Door’s Musicquarium lounge happy hour. I had a tasty chicken skewer and trying an old-fashioned.  

I’m still trying to figure out well drinks and try different ones now that I can’t have beer. Most of the “helpful hints” I found online aren’t of much help, as they’re from snooty people explaining why you don’t want to embarrass yourself ordering a cheap well drink and should order expensive top shelf booze in your drink; instead of telling what types of drinks there are (which is generally what the questioner online wants to know, as do I).  Of course, the reason I  and others want to figure out what well drinks we can try (they can’t have carbonation or dairy for mine) is because some bar is offering $3-$5 well drinks for happy hour. 

Musicquarium's Bartenders

 Since I saw people lining up already while I was eating, I didn’t figure I’d get a good seat, but they offered me one right at the foot of the stage (with one empty seat to the left of me).  I knew that was too good to be true and was prepared to move when one of The Triple Door hosts brought down two guys he was going to seat there and asked about my reservation. It turned out it was their mistake, and one of the guys suggested they just get another chair so we could all sit there (which we did). 

Two guys not young enough to be my sons (which is getting rarer when I go out these days). . . and about then my drink arrives. . .one of those huge (and delicious) ginger martinis. . . Boy, do I look like a lush! In my defense, it does last me all night, though both band’s sets.  We had a great time talking about bands (including The Dusty 45s’ drummer Kelly Van Camp’s other band, The Rolling Blackouts, which I need to check out), The Triple Door’s former life as a grand movie theater, Amnesty International and the state of the world (and then it was time for some music. . .or maybe another drink. . .Oh, wait, not a good idea!) 

Vince Mira

Vince Mira is really impressive, both by himself and with his band, who really rocked The Triple Door, not only with the Johnny Cash and Leadbelly covers, but with some of Vince’s originals. I wish I took some video of their set. Their cover of Johnny Cash’s Long Black Veil sent chills up my spine. 

Vince Mira & his band

Here’s a video by samnuttmann of Vince playing his I’m Not Your Lover Anymore at the Pike Place Market, where he got his start. Where does that deep and worldly voice come from in someone so young? 

. . .and, of course channeling Johnny Cash. . .here’s Folsom Prison Blues with Vince Mira and the Wild Dogs about a year and  half ago (video by CForce33): 

Another highlight the evening at The Triple Door was Vince’s cover of Leadbelly’s Where Did You Sleep Last Night (a song many in the Seattle crowd probably knew from Nirvana’s unplugged version). Here’s a version of that from about a year ago, video taped by jm812007: 

Vince and his band would have been a tough act to follow, for any band other than The Dusty 45s. I love it when the opening band is that good, because it ups the ante! 

Now, I know, I see this band a lot. In fact, I would have loved to have seen them play earlier that day, at noon on the Harbor Steps, as part of the city’s Out to Lunch concert series. That one was a little too far from my office, though (and, to be fair, they played City Hall, on my end of downtown earlier this summer). 

Fortunately someone else went and took video. Here they are at the Harbor Steps with New Romance (which they did at The Triple Door as well), video by frabjousfrank: 

Now, one of the things I love about this band is that they’re terrific in so many settings, and know how to make each work for them.  There are the summer outdoor concerts like The Harbor Steps or University Village, the roadhouse shows at places like the Tractor last Saturday night, and then there’s the classy show at places like The Triple Door. . . 

The Dusty 45s

. . .a place I’m a little intimidated by, being not so classy. . ., but an awesome place to see a show (and The Dusty 45s will be back there for 2 shows New Year’s Eve, with space for dancing up front!). 

Here’s Fortunate Man, the one video I shot that night: 

They did bring Vince Mira out, after Billy Joe set his trumpet aflame, to join them on (what else?) Ring of Fire. : ) 

Vince Mira with The Dusty 45s

Another great night out! I was tempted to stay awhile and check out the band playing the Musicquarium, but after two nights in a row out, I was ready to head home.


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