Another Rainy Night in Ballard with The Dusty 45s

It was a dark and rainy September night in Ballard when I saw The Dusty 45s again . . .  OK. I’m behind, and I’ve been here before, but I do have video!

Opening for The Dusty 45s that night was Davidson Hart Kingsbery and his band, and they were good (and had people dancing already). 

Davidson Hart Kingsbery

*10/24/10 Update: OK, there was a video on Vimeo of this band I posted, but it’s now private. See the link below to check out their music.

Find more of their music at:

Then The Dusty 45s. Oh, yeah!  A rainy night in Ballard? It was definitely time to have them back at The Tractor (and there were a lot of people dancing)!

Here they are with Cold Woman, off of their new album, Fortunate Man:

Kim Virant, fresh off of being part of the annual Patsy Kline tribute joined them for one of Patsy’s songs (and I’m forgetting which one) and a duet of Jackson (June Carter & Johnny Cash) with The Dusty 45s’ lead singer, Billy Joe. I wish I had taken video of that one.

Kim Virant with The Dusty 45s

I did get The Dusty 45s cover of St James Infirmary:

and, everyone knows a Dusty 45s’ show isn’t over until Billy Joe’s trumpet is set ablaze (and there’s nothing like a drunken crowd in Ballard calling for a little pyromania)!

Here’s Miserlou as the finale, complete with a flaming trumpet:

Their last show in Seattle for awhile as they headed off to a series of shows near Boston (including a place called the Chicken Box, in Nantucket), then down to Arizona & California.

Find out where they’re playing next at:


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