An Over the Top Lady Macbeth & a Barbershop Quartet

Catch GreenStage‘s free indoor “Hard Bard” production of Macbeth while (and if) you still can! Currently it’s final 4 shows (though Oct. 30) are on stand by only (but evidently quite a few people who reserve free tickets don’t show up, so come early for a chance). Yes, I’m too far behind, and even though I’m skipping ahead, should have posted this review earlier last week, after going last Sunday night.

Lady Macbeth & Macbeth

Just like last year’s Titus Andronicus production, GreenStage’s “Hard Bard” version of Macbeth is over the top, bloody, a little wild and even zany in places. It’s definately a PG-13 production for both sex and violence; and the front two rows are a splatter zone. Lady Macbeth is over the top from her first scene, and a barbershop quartet?! Lots of scary ghosts as cast members start being killed off, always with the silly sisters cooking up some new evil.

From the Green Stage website:

Welcome to Scotland, where weird sisters prophesize, Ladies are shady, Thanes sing in barbershop harmony, murder is afoot, and Macbeth, the new Thane of Cawdor, would be happy to talk to you about it all if he wasn’t so busy going absolutely insane.

Reservations at:

GreenStage’s indoor space is at 2115 5th Ave. (next to Cinerama and across the street from Top Pot Doughnuts). They are the folks who bring us Shakespeare in the Park around the city during the summer (which I need to catch someday, too; and I’m sure are more family appropriate entertainment than their “Hard Bard” October fare).

While it’s free, donations are gladly accepted (and needed to keep it running), so give if and what you can. They have a cauldron for donations, and you can donate online as well.


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