Ladies Night at The Crocodile

Running behind again, but I didn’t want to miss mentioning the City Arts Festival show I went to at The Crocodile on October 23.  Zera Marvel, Star Anna and and Sera Cahoone for a night of Americana from three women with very different styles.

Zera Marvel, better known for being part of Head Like a Kite, has a very glamorous, Golden Age of Radio look. Yet her songs were the darkest, a kind of noir Americana. As she says she reassured her mother, her songs aren’t all about sex, many of them are about murder.

This is a new one (which I didn’t get the name to), about her father who recently passed away:

 Check out more of her music at:

Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs really rock it out these days, still with a strong Americana influence and Star’s impassioned lyrics and vocals.

Here they are from The Crocodile show with Spinning My Wheels:

. . .and Wolves in Disquise:

They are an awesome band. I actually overheard a woman in the audience tell her friend she was planning on playing lead guitarist Justin Davis when they come out on Guitar Hero!

Listen to more of Star Anna’s music and see when they’re playing next at:

Sera Cahoone and her band were by far the most traditional Americana, with a great country sound, but loud. Actually, a bit too loud for me, but I could be getting old, and I was closer to the speakers this time, after a brief rest room and water break.

Here they are with Last Time:

Another great evening of music on a rainy Seattle night!


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