An Extra Day to #GiveBig & #EndDemand

So, apparently the generosity of Seattle (and other cities also using the same system to donate BIG today) has created technical difficulties so big we have another day to donate to our favorite charities and have our donations met.

From Seattle FoundationsGive Big Website:

Our web site is experiencing BIG volume today! Donation pages may be slow to load. We appreciate your patience as you wait to GiveBIG! Please refresh your browser. Given this delay, Seattle Foundation is extending GiveBIG through midnight tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4.

While I managed to make my donation to the Organization for Prostitution Survivors this morning (which did take a long time to go through), it gives me extra time to mention this great opportunity. First, there are a lot of great organizations you can donate to and be matched on May 3 (and now May 4), and I encourage you to check out the list at As you know from this blog, however, #EndDemand and the issue of helping women and girls (and men and boys in some cases) escape prostitution has been on my mind a lot lately.

Seattle, fortunately, has been getting the issue right, and the Organization for Prostitution Survivors (OPS) has been at the forefront in helping women exit (including support groups, art therapy and most recently a jobs program in conjunction with Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking – BEST), getting local law enforcement and prosecutors to embrace the Nordic Model (offering those prostituted services and creating a “Buyer Beware” program where the men buying attend a 10 week Stopping Sexual Exploitation program OPS created. According to a recent e-mail, after completing the program”95% of men said that they do not think they will buy sex again.”

What convicted sex buyers had to say after completing Stopping Sexual Exploitation

“Keep this program going to educate the community & spread the word.”

“It is just as much our fault as the pimp who forces her on the street.”

“I learned about how prostitution isn’t really a choice and that even if I did treat her nice it won’t stop the pain that she might receive from others.”

“The arrest stopped me. I would have never bought sex again, but the program taught me why I should never buy sex again.”

“I’m going to raise my son differently. I don’t want him to be so angry and depressed all the time like me.”

Definitely a lot of good work being done, and a lot that remains to be done that would be helped by more funds. I encourage you to check them out and #GiveBIG, by midnight May 4, now:
Oh, and the amounts already given aren’t showing, not for OPS or most of the other organizations at this point thanks to the computer problem (which really wouldn’t be an issue if everyone really had given $0 to all these organizations). Will be interesting to see how generous Seattle is once they get that straightened out!

4 thoughts on “An Extra Day to #GiveBig & #EndDemand

  1. “I learned about how prostitution isn’t really a choice and that even if I did treat her nice it won’t stop the pain that she might receive from others.”

    Sorry, I can’t take a moral lesson from the type of person who says you shouldn’t give money to beggars.


  2. Wow, Josh, what a fine example of the male entitlement of johns (or as they call them in Europe, punters). Of course I’m in favor of people being able to give money to “beggars”, or better yet offer them homes if they’re homeless and a job with fair wages if they can work. I’m not in favor of people being allowed to molest or rape the homeless (which we sadly have a lot of in Seattle) in exchange for that money.

    We’re not talking about homeless or “beggars” as you call them, though, are we? We’re talking about the type of entitlement exemplified by Human Rights Watch Executive Director Ken Roth”s status update on Aug. 10, 2015 – “All want to end poverty, but in meantime why deny poor women the option of voluntary sex work?”:

    So this isn’t about you wish to have coerced (by money) sex in any way you want with a woman (or man, as the case may be). It’s just your way of giving “charity”. . .

    You sound like someone who could really used OPS’ Stopping Sexual Exploitation program. Hope they start a similar near you soon!


  3. Clicking through without researching anything thoroughly, I found that the OPS “Stopping Sexual Exploitation” program costs $900 and appears to be attended mostly by men who have been arrested for soliciting and required to attend class as a condition of their deal, whether it be deferred proscution or plea bargain. If this is the case, some of the unwilling participants should be expected to be as resistant as drunk drivers required to attend an alcohol program. This program, however effective it may be for those men who attend and actually listen to the facts presented, is unlikely to attract the not yet arrested. Addressing the behaviors and potential behaviors of potential offenders, occasional offenders, former offenders, and those habitual offenders who have been just plain lucky so far is going also to be necessary.


  4. Good point, Fred. While it’s a start, End Demand programs like OPS’ “Stopping Sexual Exploitation” do need to ultimately extend further, including, I hope to reach young men (and the occasional woman) before they start buying sex.


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