Seattle human rights, Nordic Model/End Demand advocate, feminist, peace & justice activist. Springsteen, Pearl Jam & Seattle local music fan.

Topics I write about include human rights, peace & justice issues, music, books, movies, life in Seattle. I try to include highlighted hyperlinks to the original news stories, reports, music sites, etc., so you can check them out for yourself.

PS: Sorry for any delays for people posting comments.  I do have the settings so I need to approve a first time comment, to avoid both spam or any really rude comments (the latter, I’ve been fortunate enough not to have had much problem with yet, but I did find there’s a whole other creative use of spam when it comes to blogs).




8 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw the photos of my band you posted on Flickr from Folklife 2010. I like some enough to want to use them on my next CD. Please email me back!
    Yer pal,
    Howlin’ Houndog


  2. Of course! Answered off line though my main e-mail account, but any of the musicians or others I’ve taken photos of and have posted on Flickr (and/or videos on YouTube) are welcome to use them. I have them all set so anyone can download them by clicking “Actions”, then “View All Sizes” on the main photo page, and select the size you want, then click download above that; and/or send me an e-mail to javacolleen@gmail.com (or my main e-mail account, if you know it).

    Putting e-mail contact info (that’s not too identifying) on my public accounts is one of those housekeeping items I’ll be catching up on soon, along with updating the blog.


  3. Nice work with the REVERBfest blog! I know I’m a little late in responding but we’ve added the video you took to our page. Looks awesome! Here’s a short Documentary of our Iceland show after Reverbfest:

    next show, contact us and we’ll put you on the list :)

    Massy Ferguson


  4. Thanks Ethan, and really awesome seeing the video of the band kicking it in Iceland! I’m the one who’s way behind, not having updated the blog since shortly after I went back to school in January. I’ve neglected posting on quite a few shows, including the DESC benefit in February when I took this one of Pretty Plain Jane:

    I’ll definitely take you up on the offer!



  5. Hi Colleen, I’m the designer of the 2008 Bumbershoot show the Power of One. You wrote a blog post about it, I wonder if you have any more photos of the show. I lost all my photos :( Thanks!


  6. Not at all! Let me know if you need the original or at least a larger size of any of them. I downgraded my Flickr to the free version, so they’re no longer downloadable there in all sizes.


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