Fistful of Mercy – Beautiful Harmonies

My next concert was totally unexpected. Easy Street Records posted on their Facebook page that Ben Harper’s new band, Fistful of Mercy, was holding their debut public show at the West Seattle Easy Street Records (for free, as with all in-stores). Wow! Fistful of Mercy’s other band members are Joseph Arthur and Dhani Harrison (George Harrison’s son), and I hope it doesn’t just turn out to be a side project, because they sound beautiful together.  

Fistful of Mercy

I learned my lesson. Go straight to the record store and don’t wander around West Seattle shooting pictures first when someone as well-known as Ben Harper is playing a free gig. While the store was already packed, I did find a spot near the edge of the window and found out I was lucky for that when I saw the photos on the West Seattle Blog of the crowd behind me overflowing onto California Street.  

Fortunately, people with a better view took video. Here’s their signature track, Fistful of Mercy, at Easy Street (with Jessy Green on violin), video by shermanscorner;  

Beautiful harmonies!  

While the West Seattle Easy Street was their first public concert, their debut on radio was the day before at KCRW in Santa Monica. Here’s Restore Me from KCRW’s YouTube channel:  

The ending of that song sounded a little Beatle-esque! For that matter, so does this song (from the very beginning), In Vain or True, live at Seattle’s own KEXP:  

All those songs and more – probably the whole upcoming cd.  It was a beautiful evening.  

I wasn’t entirely through, though. On the way back I decided to stop off  at The Triple Door, where I bought a ticket to The Dusty 45s/Vince Mira show the next night, deciding at nearly the last possible minute to get a ticket for $20 at the box office, then went inside the Musicquarium to enjoy some free music from Thione Diop for Afrocentric night, which was on my calendar before I even heard of Fistful of Mercy.  

Thione Diop

Fistful of Mercy’s first album is due out October 5 and their tour starts November 9 at Showbox at the Market in Seattle. Tickets already on sale. Sadly, Ticketmaster‘s gouging on fees has gotten worse since their merger with Live Nation.  An extra $10 is a convenience to them, not the music fans. . .