Los Lobos at the Zoo

Sunday I got to table the Los Lobos concert at Woodland Park Zoo for Amnesty International.  As my boss laughed and said when I told her Monday morning – “Tough job!”  OK, well, I do have to haul all those AI tabling supplies by bus.

This was the first Zoo Tunes concert we’ve tabled.  Amnesty International’s Rhythm N’ Rights program gets permission from Los Lobos and the other bands we have tables at for their whole tour, then works out the details with the venues.  We shared the merchandise tent and were able to set up our petitions and literature facing the stage. It was a little breezy, which felt nice on a hot day, but we had to get innovative to hold everything down. We got a few people stopping by, and business was especially good on their set break.  Percy, who was tabling with me, was good at getting the people in by telling them what a deal we had – signing the petitions was free!

Los Lobos, of course, were great!  Here’s a clip from them at Austin City Limits in 2006 to give you an idea.

There was an ever growing group of people dancing near the merchandise and radio tents.  Multi-generational.  A lot of families with young children and sometimes grandparents.  Then at the very end, they even got nearly everyone out of their lawn chairs up and dancing!  Audiences dancing. . .in Seattle.  As I’ve told you, that’s very rare!  Then the band started bringing people on stage with them.  First, some women who were up front.  Then they called for all the children and they. . .and their parents. . .came running!

It was great!  Seen wandering around back stage (followed by children) – a peacock!

Only draw back to the zoo concert was that the band couldn’t stay to autograph the merchandise (which pretty much sold out), because the venue needed everyone to get out as soon as possible due to no lights and the sun going down.

Beautiful view of the Olympics in the sunset as I walked down to my bus stop to head home with the supplies and petitions to be mailed off.