Noir and Jazz at the Nectar

I can think of no better place to be Friday evening, the night before the latest alleged end of the world, than at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont listening to jazz by The True Loves and The Barrett Martin Group, with a finale of Jeff Angell joining the latter for the last half of their set with old and new songs The Walking Papers (a band featuring Jeff, Barrett, Duff McKagan and Benjamin Anderson). Jeff Angell’s music (Post Stardom Depression, The Missionary Position, Walking Papers, Staticland) is always very noir and goes well with jazz and the end of the world (which thankfully didn’t happen, again. . .).

The True Loves were awesome! First time I saw them without the incredible Grace Love. Video from Xanaland from their opening set at last night’s show:

The Barrett Martin Group – totally mesmerizing! This is from a previous show, I believe the Sunyata record label showcase this summer, posted by Barrett:

How did Jeff Angell sound with a full jazz band backing him? Fortunately, Xanaland has already posted footage (and the whole Barrett Martin Group set, including the second halv with Jeff Angell was recorded for an upcoming episode of Art Zone with Nancy Guppy):

We had a sing-a-long with the chorus from Already Dead (video from a previous Walking Papers show at The Pint in Dublin Ireland):

“I’m already dead. I just don’t know it. I know what I said. I swear I didn’t mean it. I’m a lot like you.”

At least, I don’t think the world ended. . .

Although, seriously, if it did, can you think of a cooler place to be in the apocalypse than Fremont? The Fremont Troll munching on a real Volkswagen beneath the Aurora Bridge? The giant Lenin Statue (which probably wants revenge for us dressing him up in Christmas Tree lights or climbing up on him to watch the Solstice Parade)?  Waiting for the Interurban (and the dog faced man)? J. P. Patches and Gertrude going in opposite directions? Maybe during Solstice with the painted naked bicyclists? Or during Santacon with dozens of beer drinking Santas?