Student Voter Suppression, Too!

So, they’re not just suppressing the poor and black vote this time.  Since Barack appeals to students, the Republicans are trying to stop them from voting with lies, too.

According to the New York Times:

Late last month, as a voter-registration drive by supporters of Senator Barack Obama was signing up thousands of students at Virginia Tech, the local registrar of elections issued two releases incorrectly suggesting a range of dire possibilities for students who registered to vote at their college.

The releases warned that such students could no longer be claimed as dependents on their parents’ tax returns, a statement the Internal Revenue Service says is incorrect, and could lose scholarships or coverage under their parents’ car and health insurance.

As I mentioned in my last post (just a few minutes ago), I think it’s really important for everyone to register and vote (and get everyone they know to register and vote) for Barack in this election.  It’s also important that we fight this “caging” and voter suppression by Republicans.

It says a lot about the Republicans that they apparently only think they can win by lies, sarcasm and deceit.  Currently we have the McCain/Palin camp acting like they’ve never heard the expression “You can put lipstick on a pig – it’s still a pig.” in their lives (even though it’s older than McCain, and he himself used it against Hillary).  Instead, we have Republicans like former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift (who started this round of “swift boating”) claim the expression, which Barack used referring to McCain, was meant as a sexist insult to Sarah.

Please!!!  Really, the expression does really apply to Senator McCain and Governor Palin.  No, I’m not referring to their appearances, which are very photogenic (poor Abe couldn’t run these days, though he’d even recognize that expression).  I’m referring to their record, their ethics, their vicious attacks; all meant to cover up the lack of any real plan to deal with the issues that concern the American public and affect real working class people.  Barack has a plan to deal with issues like the economy, education, health care, women’s rights, veteran’s concerns, ending the war in Iraq. . .  Where’s McCain’s? 

It does appear McCain and Palin would prefer to roll in the mud, rather than discuss the issues.

Who do you want in office for the next four years? 

Register.  Vote.  Fight voter suppression.

Fight the spin.  It seems like the whole point of this “lipstick on a pig”, of pretending Barack’s using that old expression against McCain was meant as an insult to Sarah, was meant to plant the seed that a black, elite, man was insulting a white, working class, woman.

I find that Republican spin very insulting to me – as a white, working class woman.  Like we’re supposed to be such bimbos we’ll vote on identity and not realize the McCain/Palin platform is neither supportive of the working class or women.

We’re not that dumb.  Guess you’re going to have to try to suppress the white, working class women vote, too!


Hope vs Cynicism: Register. Vote. Yes, We Can!

The Republican Vice Presidential candidate has filed an ethics complaint against herself.  What more can you say? 

Ever since the conventions I’ve been torn between the images of hope and unity from the Democrats (and especially of Obama’s acceptance speech detailing a better future to a multi-cultural crowd of over 84,000), and the meanness and cynicism of the mostly white and rich Republicans (especially Sarah’s nastiness toward Obama, and McCain’s speech offering nothing but trickle down economics, lies and playing on people’s fears).

I have to go with Hope, though, and I do believe Hope is going to win. If there is a silver lining to Sarah’s speech, it is this – that thousands of Democrats (more than 130,000 by the next afternoon) donated an estimated $10 million to Barack before McCain even took the stage.

Grassroots organizing is still going on as well.  I attended a salon for Obama at a friends’ house Sunday with about 20 others to help plan how we’re going to win this election.  Thousands of similar events, vote drives, house parties and more are going on around the country.  Yes, We Can!

Meanwhile, the ethics of Alaska’s supposed ethics reformer and VP Candidate Sarah Palin seem murkier and murkier.  According to Robert Perry of the Consortium News (reprinted in Truthout):

Moreover, on Tuesday, just one day before giving her widely acclaimed speech to the Republican National Convention, Palin took the unusual step of filing an ethics complaint against herself – to move the investigation to the state personnel board whose three members are appointed by the governor.

This was known by the mainstream news media before Palin’s speech, yet it “was rarely, if ever, mentioned by TV pundits filling hours of air time with chatter about her charisma, her moose hunting and her 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy.”

Then, this mornings Washington Post reports that:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has billed taxpayers for 312 nights spent in her own home during her first 19 months in office, charging a “per diem” allowance intended to cover meals and incidental expenses while traveling on state business.

And this is Alaska’s ethics reformer!

Meanwhile, as Michelle Obama mentioned at a Women for Obama event in Albuquerque last week, time is getting short, especially for voter registration, which has to be done by the end of this month or early next month, depending on where you live.

This is an important election.  Register, and if you’re already registered, make sure all your address is up to date, then make sure your friends and family are registered (convincing any fence sitters to vote for Barack).

Information online (including deadlines):

One slight inaccuracy on the website’s Washington state information.  They say Pierce is the only county still voting at the polls.  Actually, while we were supposed to be switched over to all mail voting by this year here in King County, they delayed it until after this election.  Most people are voting by mail even here, but there are a few of us hold outs going to the polling booth on November 4

When I vote, I always remember going in the polling booth (which looked huge to me at 4) with Mama back in Apalachin, New York when she voted for Robert Kennedy for New York State Senator in 1964.  Seems kind of appropriate that I’ll be casting what will probably be my last vote in an actual polling booth (soon to go into a museum?) for Barack Obama.

This moment has been a long time coming in so many ways.  If you’re thinking of not voting, listen to what some people had to risk to vote in 1964 in Mississippi

Should this not convince you, check the Truthout article on vote “caging” by the Republican party in Ohio (then make sure your voter registration address is up to date).  It’s the 21st century and this is still going on.


Yes, We Can!