Parades & Protests – Saturday in Seattle

So, on Saturday I took a break and enjoyed both the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Pluto is a Planet protest.

I got to the parade a little late, passing by an anti-Scientology protest and the weekly Palestine Solidarity vigil on the way there.  I was right before the reviewing stand (maybe not the best place, as the dancers were often waiting until they got there to put on a show).  They had pipe bands, traditional dancers, kids performing (dancingband and drill teams), dogs, and oh, yes, Seafair clowns and pirates.


I came to the realization that the Notre Dame fight song was the same as my high school’s (though I couldn’t tell you the lyrics to either, except the inappropriate teen age drinking ones my friend’s father taught her).  The Denny Middle School band was incredible.  They launched into some Santana at the reviewing stand.  OK, not exactly traditional for St. Patrick’s Day, but I loved it.


Ahoy!  Then there’s the Seafair pirates. On the one hand, terrorizing little kids with the noise of the cannons, on the other, handing out candy.  I have to admit, they’re kind of fun, even if they aren’t very Irish.

IMG_3827 (2)

Check out the St. Patrick’s Day photo gallery on Flickr.

After the parade, I checked out all the protest going on at Westlake.  There was the weekly Palestinian Solidarity vigil, the fundamentalists convinced we’re all going to hell (for watching a St. Patrick’s Day parade?  Was it the pirates?), and the anti-Scientologists.  A typical Saturday at Westlake!


I decided I was going to make the Pluto is a Planet protest later that afternoon in Greenwood.  First stop was the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company to buy supplies.  OK, not really.  The march started there. 


Looking across the street, we realized we had counterprotesters (God hates Pluto?!).  Our side crossed the street to theirs shortly after.  Will there be trouble?  Their side crosses the street, and marches back down it. 


Pro-Plutonians march up the other side, and hold their signs up at the corner, then march on up to the Neptune Coffee House, across the street from Greenwood Space Travel, where the Pluto foes were picketing.  They dashed across the street when they realized the Pluto rally was at the Neptune.  Pluto haters gathered outside, meanwhile a Pluto revival meeting was taking place inside, worshiping the “good book” (an astronomy book before the heresy). 


A doubter was discovered!  The preacher lays his hands on him.  Pluto’s power is great!  He is healed!  His daughter runs to him.  All is well! Except Pluto’s planethood has been denied.  We still believe. Pluto be praised!

IMG_3987 (2)

More photos on my Pluto is a Planet photoset on Flickr.

More serious posts to follow (maybe)!