Catching the Mariners

So, Wednesday night I got to see the Mariners play at Safeco Field, thanks to a friend, James, who had an extra ticket and invited me. I headed over after work, hopping our new light rail for my first time to the Stadium station (and figuring out how to use my ORCA card right on the system).


We met at the Mitt sculpture to enter through the left field gate (how appropriate for me). Having never been to a Mariner game at Safeco Field before, I did all the touristy things, like having my picture taken with the Mariner Moose (there’s a better, official shot online they want to tempt me to buy a Mariner bordered 5 x 7 or refrigerator magnet of).


Then the catching the fly ball shot.  Ahh, yes, Ichiro asked me to fill in at right field while he ran across the street for a bite to eat and a brew! Or, maybe not. . .


Safeco Field is a beautiful stadium and the weather stayed nice (if chilly) with no down pour like the night before, so the retractable roof stayed open.  I did see the moon at one point, before it hid under some clouds.


It really enjoyed the game (and I’m not someone who’s followed baseball or any other sports; even ice skating it’s been since Michelle Kwan).  I got to see Ken Griffey Jr. hit a home run, and one of the younger guys, Adam Moore as well, watch Ichiro in action, and a total close out of the rival Oakland As (7–0) pitched most of the evening by another young guy, Brandon Morrow.


When did pro baseball players start looking so young?! 

Of course, even Ken Griffey (Jr!) is a few years younger than me. . .


All in all a fun game, even thought the Mariners didn’t score any runs either after the 4th inning.


I really liked the 7th inning stretch and sing along to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” too! 

It’s a shame the fans are so fickle and attendance is down, and the crowd only really got going with Griffey and Ichiro, and at the very end, after Morrow was finally relieved and it was clear we were one more strike out by the As away from winning.

Of course, I’m not a sports fan and maybe don’t know what I’m talking about; but I couldn’t help thinking about another comment about Seattle crowds about a week ago. . .

This was the M’s night, though, and it was good to catch Griffey and Ichiro while they’re still in it, and the young players on their way up!

Story with video of Morrow’s pitching online here.