Hello again! Starting to blog after a long absence.  Expect posts on human rights and social justice issues, music, art and some of the good times and disasters in my life.

So,  shortly after my last blog entry two and a half years ago the company I worked for went under abruptly and without the owner paying us for our last 3 (or more) weeks.  Can he really get away with that? *Spoiler alert*  No, not even after claiming, through his lawyer, to L&I that we were “volunteers”. . . How much have my co-workers and I recovered from him so far? About 1% of what he owes us, including penalties – $8.49 in my case. Hope these aren’t annual installments. . .

On a happy note, my current job does pay us, but it is a two hour commute by bus each way in addition to being evenings and weekends.

My last company’s demise, diversity of people and wildlife in the suburbs where my current job is, and changes in the market research industry where I’m back after a 15 year absence with my previous job and this one are possible topics for future posts.  *Spoiler alert* Fewer people want to talk to us.

A lot of missed music reviews of old and new favorites and even an occasional art exhibit, all of which I still sometimes make it to, in spite of a shortage of time and money. I’ll be catching up on some of them with pictures or videos.

Finally, the state of the world, human rights and politics; including disturbing dilemmas and why I’m becoming a radical feminist.